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How to change Apache user and group

This howto is about changing the user and group for running the apache http server under ubuntu/debian systems.

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Policy based VPN routing with iptables

This is an article about how to configure a linux box to selectively route specific traffic through a VPN interface.

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Combining Kerberos, EAP and RADIUS for better wireless authentication

The use of the Kerberos protocol in authentication for network access has several advantages. In this post, I review, what makes Kerberos authentication for network access control and attractive option then cover the Kernac project that is working towards an implementation of such capability.

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Gettimeofday and localtime millisecond timestamps example

This is a handy example that shows how to use the gettimeofday and localtime functions to calculate elapsed time in milliseconds.

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Error handling paradigm for C programs

The quality of error handling is a good indicator of the programmer's professionalism. It is very important to do proper error handling to achieve robust performance from your program in whatever programming languafe you are using. In this article, I explain a paradigm, or method for managing error handling in C code.

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