Overview of the Technology and Systems Supporting the Services of IPTV in the UK

IPTV UK homes access as a form of high quality entertainment, provides digital content by relaying and transmitting TV shows, on demand videos and live pay-per-view broadcasts. Operators of the networks involved as service bearer and access medium are expected to be knowable and controllable in using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suites.

IPTV NetworksAlthough TCP uses the Internet Protocol, it is not the same as Internet Protocol (IP). It is recognised as a set of high level, smart communications rules used not only for transmitting data packets but also on connecting web servers, computers, websites and applications.

As IPTV service providers commit to meet standards of high Quality of Service (QoS), they use TCP/IP suites that enable networks to communicate and interact with each other while carrying out the processes of sending and delivering digital content over the Internet.

How do Networks Involved in Providing IPTV Service Work in Data Transmission

Reference to Data Transmission denotes the system responsible for sending and receiving organised data from one device to another, which involves coding and converting of data from analog to digital before transmission to a specified destination device that will assemble the packets of digital data.

The Transport Layer device of a TCP/IP network breaks down data into small portions called packets.

The Modulator-Demodulator, commonly known as Modem, is the network device that converts the video and audio analog signals into digital content.

Such processes allow the IPTV network to harness various broadbands in sending the packets of information via the fastest route toward a specific destination. The same network devices also re-transmits the pieces of data that got interrupted or lost during transmission.

Once the packets are received by the destination computer or device, their respective system will reassemble all packets in proper order as they arrive.

Determining the Quality of Data and Service Provided by an IPTV company

When conducting research about an IPTV provider, an important indicator of the quality of service and data provided by an IPTV company is the Trust Score. Data experts of a non-profit company called Scam Advisor, reviews, evaluates and rates the legitimacy and reliability of a provider in collecting and sending data.

The goal is to ascertain the completeness, consistency, conformity, uniqueness, drift and possible anomaly of data collected and sent over the Internet by quantifying and calculating data trust score. A high Trust Score therefore is a positive indication that data gathered through IPTV services are reliable enough to use as bases for decision making.