gettimeofday and localtime millisecond timestamps example

This is a handy example that shows how to use the gettimeofday and localtime functions to calculate elapsed time in milliseconds.

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Combining Kerberos, EAP and RADIUS for better wireless authentication

The use of the Kerberos protocol in authentication for network access has several advantages. In this post, I overview why Kerberos authentication for network access control is something every admin would want to have. Then I introduce the Kernac project that is working towards a solution.

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Tshark examples: howto capture and dissect network traffic

This page contains a collection of useful examples for using tshark, the network traffic capture and analysis tool.

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Policy Based QoS Framework

The disparity of the technologies used for managing the quality of service (DiffServ, IntServ/RSVP, 802.11e, WiMAX QoS, 802.15.4 TDMA scheduling) makes it difficult to think of the management of quality of service in heterogeneous infrastructures in terms of technologies. For this reason, a conceptual model that allows us to think about quality of service management systems independently of underlying technologies and vendors would be more adapted.

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Why Semantic Models

This post is inspired by an article from IBM regarding the advantage of Semantic Models compared to traditional relational databases.

Smantic models are a way of representing data and information in a way that is different from relational data bases. The advantages of using Semantic models can be the basis of differentiated products and services that use large and complex data.

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